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Which raid do you want as a training ground?

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#5615271 Feb 08, 2012 at 02:42 PM
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Hi all
I was wondering what you guys think of making some training in the lower level raids?
Personally, I have never really done any of these except for halfway through DN, done the whole Rift and 1 wing of OD. Furthermore, it would be a good oppotunity to tryout ts3 as a raid and to learn about more about each other.

This might be something we should have scheduled as some permanent training days, instead of jumping right into Saruman's tower..

What do you guys think?

PS: Cosmetic armour are a nice little reward :)
#5633444 Feb 12, 2012 at 02:12 PM
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Personally i have a strong opinion of what is and what is not usefull as a trainingsground for raids. Currently i consider it as usefull to run draigoch for the loot and training (it is fairly easy to get people some basic understanding of the core raiding terms such as ball up and following a target in this raid aswell) and i consider BG to be usefull through the amount of different strategy aspects that is implied (think of corruption removal/control, distributed damage and bosses that are linked to each other).

Nevertheless, when i get back to have some more time for the game (hopefully next week but surely in 2 weeks) i am always willing to lead old raids in order to be entertained or to get people some nice outfits.

I'd be happy to
run rift with a group of at least 6 people above lvl 60 or more people with lvl 47+ people in the raid
run watcher with some high lvls or a 12 person raid with lvl 60 as a lvl requirement
run DN with 8+ people on lvl 65
run BG with a full raid of lvl 65+
OD with a full raid of lvl 65+

I'm not doing any turtle runs as its just a retarded fight :P
I won't do helegrod as the raid is not usefull to do, loot is too random and it is easy to pug this without tactics.
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