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Kinship history
Welcome to the Servants of the Secret Fire site,

Originally formed a week or so after Lord of the Rings Online was officially released the Kinship that is now proudly called Servants of the Secret Fire was called Yaara Nolwe (Elvish for Ancient Wisdom).

Yaara Nolwe or in its common tongue Ancient Wisdom was formed by three members who had ventured together in the world of Middle Earth on many occassions and found they liked the way the others executed their characters in game. These Brave adventurers were Isathor - Brosi and Grohl.

The Shadow had its own evil way with Yaara Nolwe and Isathor became corrupted and turned toward the shadow, where he still dwells as a servant of the Dark Lord. The name seemed cursed and we were unable to gain many recruits due to the few Elvish speaking folk in LOTRO.

A Meeting of the two most senior officers as they were known then and two of the kinships long serving and respected members was convined. After many hours of debate and many Ales drank in the Prancing Pony, the party was approached by a grey bearded gentleman that some of the kinship had already met. It was only Gandalf the Grey who approached the meeting and offered a solution to the kinships problems.

Offered by one of the highest members of the Secret Fire was the new kinship title of Servants of the Secret Fire. This was such an impressive title and such an offer from Gandalf himself, we could not refuse.

The name was logged in with the Kinship Master in Bree on friday 8th June 2007 (real life time).